Currently BBC INU is listed on PancakeSwap, tradeable with WBNB (Wrapped BNB). If you’ve never traded on PancakeSwap, this is most common trading pair.

There are many ways to buy on PancakeSwap, up untiil nowmost people have used Trust Wallet from their iPhone or Android. iPhone has removed the ability to use the DAPP browser which is required to connect to PancakeSwap from the Trust Wallet. Don’t worry, if you have an iPhone, you can still connect through your desktop or laptop.

We’re working on our own work-through video to purchase BBC INU, but for now, you can follow this video created for another token (just replace the token used in the video with the BBC INU contract address – 0xa01c097dd9b73f358415232b842d6a6793f788f3).

Here’s the video –

Unfortunately, sometimes you get errors trading on PancakeSwap. They have a few bugs. Sometimes you have to play with the slippage (typically set to around 11%). The lower the slippage is, the better for you, so play with this last. You may have to raise to as much as 15%. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the last number in the conversion amount of BBC INU from a zero any other number. This is a bug with PancakeSwap and has nothing to do with BBC INU.

Safe trading!