Here’s a video if you’d rather follow along.

You can’t get enough BBC INU.

Typically errors on Pancakeswap are due to the slippage rate or a little bug with the calculated conversion. See this video for how get past it. This appears to be a bug with Pancakeswap’s code. Another thing that has worked is to lower the amount you are trying to purchase.

Does it even matter? Some projects are simply too glorious to pass up, but if you must know, you can find the details here.

The official BBC INU contract address is 0xa01c097dd9b73f358415232b842d6a6793f788f3.

The official medium page is

The official Reddit for BBC INU is

Yes, the official Telegram group is

The official Twitter page is

Bitcoin has Satoshis. CumRocket has Cummies. BBC INU has LWCs. One day in the distant future, having one BBC (Bigger Better Currency) all to your self will be unthinkable, and peasants will only think of transactions in terms of LWCs (Lesser Weaker Currency). Don’t settle for a bag of LWC down the road, get all BBC you can while you can.

BBC INU launched on the BSC smart chain June 7, 2021.

Follow BBC INU charts over at PooCoin.